Total Atoll- Coral Dip Kit

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Coral Dip Kit

The Coral Dip Kit by Total Atoll offers reef aquarium hobbyists a professional solution for treatment and prevention of infections, pests, and parasites. Our solutions are effective because they are specialized to deal with specific problems, and come with simple instructions to help you perform the most effective coral treatment.

This kit contains three coral dipping solutions for easy and reliable treatment of corals. First is an oil based Coral Clean dip specially tailored to remove marine flatworms, bristle worms, nudibranchs, mites, and snails without irritating sensitive corals. Second is an algae scrubbing hydrogen peroxide solution for removal of nuisance algae from frag plugs and rocks before it can inhibit coral growth or spread throughout
an aquarium. Third is an iodine based Lugol’s dip which is highly effective at treating bacterial infections commonly found on LPS corals.

All of these solutions are made form ingredients exclusively sourced from GMP certified suppliers. This ensures that each treatment is of the highest quality, and is free of any contaminants which could negatively impact corals or aquarium chemistry.

Also included in this kit are five quality tools to make the coral dipping process as simple and effective as possible. for more information on the Coral Dip Kit, the science behind each of our solutions, and why we recommend them, visit