Refugium Start Up Kit

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                The kit consists of:

                           2 – 8 oz bottles of Tisbe Biminiensis

                           1 – 8 oz bottle of live Nannochloropsis Phtyoplankton.

                           2 – 4 oz containers of macoalgae

Pods -  Tisbe Biminiensis copepods range in size from 20 microns to 3 mil and you will receive them in all stages of live from larvae to adult.  Copepods pods play an essential component to any successful saltwater tank. Tisbe pods easily reproduce in your tank and are awesome cleanup crew and a live foods source for mandarins and other pod-requiring fish. Copepods produce omega fatty acids and other enzymes that fish and corals are missing in their diet when kept in captivity. Pour the contents directly into your refugium (if you have one) or into your main display at night so that the fish don’t eat the pods before they have a chance to settle in.

Phytoplankton plays an essential role for your marine aquarium. It competes with nuisance algae for food and will consume nutrients. It can be food for copepods and corals and can increase color and polyp extension. Adding phytoplankton to your marine aquarium will increase biodiversity and will provide your filter-feeding organisms a diet complete with highly nutritious essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, and carotenoids. Nannochloropsis algae consumes several nitrogen waste compounds including ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. As a result, Nano helps if you have an overfeeding problem, if you are adding a new critter to your tank, or if you want to reduce the frequency of water changes. This product is alive which means the shelf live is very limited. Please remove the lid to allow it to breath and shake daily. It will have a shelf life of about 4 to 5 days after arrival. Please dose 30 ml per 20 gallons per day.


Chaeto: Chaetomorpha, commonly known as Chaeto algae, is a single-celled saltwater alga that looks like tangled strings of pasta or steel wool. One of the main reasons for Chaeto’s popularity is its filtering ability and it eliminates the need for expensive filtering media and reduces the frequency of water changes.

Halimeida: Halimedia is a hardy calcerous algae that aborbs calcium into its tissue. It is not typically eaten by most fish so it can be left in the main display. It will help to filter out waste and reduce the nitrates in your system. 

The price includes the shipping costs to anywhere in Canada.