Brightwell MicroBacter Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit

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Everything you need for cycling a new system with Dry Rock. This kit contains live bacteria. This kit is primarily designed to be used with dry aragonite or artificial unseeded live rock or Marco Rock. Plain dry sand is recommended instead of packaged 'live sand' which may have been seeded with species not conducive to cycling. Live rock from the ocean (even already cycled live rock from a store or another aquarium) is okay to use and should assist the cycle.

This kit is designed for up to a 100g system.  It contains these three products:

MicrōBacter QuikCycl

Professional nutrients for fishless cycling and establishing strong nitrifying bacteria beds in freshwater and marine aquariums

Not your average ammonia source for starting the nitrogen cycle. Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter QuickCycl contains the right strength of ammonium chloride along with phosphates and nitrates to feed the bacteria that work to cycle a tank. 60ml bottle

MicrōBacter StartXLM

Professional 15X strength powerful live tank starter nitrifying bioculture for rapidly cycling new marine fish and reef aquaria. Creates a nitrifying biological filter in marine aquarium and is particularly useful for new startups, resulting in cycling in about 5 to 7 days in most cases.  250ml bottle

MicrōBacter Clean

MicrōBacterCLEAN is a selective complex of extremely effective microbes and enzymes that not only reduce the concentrations of organic nitrogen, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, and organic carbon in all marine ecosystems, but make maintenance easy by actually loosening accumulations and coatings. This complex system of non-pathogenic microbes and natural enzymes are specifically formulated to clean aquarium live rock.

Professionals use MicrōBacterCLEAN to combat the "ugly stage" that occurs right after the initial cycling, when the tank is starting to establish itself.