Brightwell Active Carbon

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  • Premium quality activated carbon, offering desirablephysical and chemical characteristics for application in allmarine and freshwater aquaria, featuring high capacity forthe removal of latent organic material from water andminimal impact on pH.
  • Promotes water quality by removing dissolved organicmaterial, hence encouraging higher oxidation-reductionpotential (ORP).
  • Features high capacity for organic removal (high Molassesnumber), high Iodine number, low ash content, minimaldust, and immeasurable phosphate (verified with lab-gradewater analysis equipment).
  • Average particle size encourages optimal flow andeffectiveness; may be employed in canister or passivefiltration.
Instructions: Prior to first use, rinse under a stream of fresh water. Each 500g of Carbonit-P is suited to efficiently filtering 450 US-gallons (1,703 L) of water. The method in which Carbonit-P is employed will dictate reaction time with the water and consequently the rate at which organic material will be extracted; therefore, the greater the reaction time between carbon pellets and water, the faster this process will occur. In all cases, the use of a mechanical pre-filter to remove particulate organic material from water prior to its interaction with this media will prolong effectiveness. Follow guidelines for media use below; Carbonit-P may be removed prior to reaching the maximum recommended filtering time if more than one use is desired. Hobbyist may choose to employ Carbonit-P for 1 - 2 hours each day throughout the course of a 1-month period to help improve water quality. If used in this fashion, Carbonit-P should be discarded and replaced at the conclusion of each month. In high-nutrient aquaria, replace after 24-hours of total use; placement in lower-nutrient aquaria may be extended up to 48-hours of total use.